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 ISO certification

ISO 9001 Consultants – Economical ISO 9001 Consultancy, Consulting Services, Certification & Accreditation

How We Help You Get ISO 9001 Certification

RKMS will save you time and provide you with an economical, accredited and certified quality system that will enable you to grow your business, reach more service users, an ISO 9001 consultant to improve profits and ROI – AS QUICKLY & COST EFFECTIVELY AS POSSIBLE. | View Supported ISO Standards

ISO certification

ISO consulting

ISO 9001 consulting

ISO consultant

ISO 9001 consultancy

ISO 9001 consultancy UK

Economical Certification & 100% Success Record – RKMS work with all types and sizes of organisations in the UK to comply with ISO 9001 and other standards successfully securing economical certification.

Making The Standard Fit Your Business – RKMS won’t force you to change your processes because we establish how each business functions, then create a ISO quality management system (QMS) that works in “synch” with it.

Innovative ISSOSmart Cloud Management – RKMS provide clients with their easy to use, convenient tool to create and edit documentation.

System Supports Regulatory & Certification Bodies – ISSOSmart can be used with any British or ISO standard and fully supports UKAS, NQA, BSI, ISOQAR requirements.

Fast Track Implementation & More

ISO consultants

– Save implementation time & money
– Get a quicker pay back on ISO 9001 investment
– Added value from experience with vast client base
– Reduced costs & improved productivity
– Better products & services
– Organise & plan QMS project actions
– Identify & document organisational processes
– Process improvements suggested
– Benchmarking practices recommended

Unique, Simple Cloud System

ISO certification

– Speeds up implementation times
– Reduces the workload on staff
– Build your own system in around 30 mins
– Or consultant partial or full system build
– Simple to use & fully compliant
– Add multiple standards eg ISO 9001 to ISO 27001
– Access via web browser, smartphone or tablet
– Staff training eg Auditor HABC Level 3 Qual
– Ongoing consultant support after certification

3 Straightforward Steps To ISO 9001 Certification

Step 1 – Preparing For ISO 9001

a) Please send us an enquiry and a consultant will get in touch within 24 hours to assess your requirements.

b) The variables explored will include the:

– standard you wish to obtain certification for
– timescales required for certification
– nature of your organisation
– markets you serve and / or your key stakeholders
– size of your organisation eg number of facilities, locations and employees

Step 2 – Implementing ISO 9001 

Systems & Working Practices Assessment

  1. If fortunate to receive your instruction, a consultant will contact you to arrange an initial exploratory assessment visit
  2. We will meet with your organisation’s team to understand your business
  3. Organisational processes will be Identified & documented
  4. A variance analysis will be conducted to identify where you comply or do not comply with ISO 9001
  5. Guidance will be given on how best to integrate ISO 9001 within your current systems & working practices
  6. If required, working with your team we will evolve processes suited to your organisation and make “benchmarking” recommendations
  7. We will then begin working on your Quality Management System to bring it in line with the requirements.

Creating Your Quality Management System

  1. Designated members of your team will be receive training on the use of the IssoSmart Cloud QMS Management system from an an ISO expert consultant which will provide all the documentation needed to comply with the ISO standard or standards being targeted
  2. IssoSmart includes a manual, user guide, procedures, forms & registers
  3. Our consultants will providing coaching on its practical use to enable your organisation to build its own system or let RKMS do all the work for you
  4. When RKMS receive instructions to create the entire QMS, we work closely with your team, then plan, timeline & organise all ISO 9001 QMS project implementation actions
  5. We encourage meaningful input from your implementation team that is so important in gaining “buy in” for the new system to ensure a smooth assimilation into your organisation
  6. All requisite ISO 9001 documentation is then developed to create the quality management system (QMS)

Step 3 – ISO 9001 Certification

  1. 4 months after the new QMS became operational in your organisation, an a consultant will visit once more to carry out thorough internal audits on your processes and procedures to ascertain if the system / staff are working effectively in accordance with ISO 9001
  2. We will then hold a review with senior management to consider the findings from the audits which identify deviations from the ISO 9001 standard which need to be rectified
  3. After the new system is deemed in compliance, we arrange for an external assessment of your QMS to be carried out by an assessment organisation certified by UKAS
  4. Once the assessment body are satisfied that your QMS complies with ISO 9001, an official certificate of registration will be awarded which can be used to inform existing clients, identified in tenders and promoted to prospective customers
  5. Key members of your team will also receive Lead Auditor training which confers a the regulated Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance Level 3 Award in Effective Auditing and Inspection (RQF)

Benefits That ISO 9001 Consulting Provides

The purpose of the ISO is to provide meaningful benefits from its practical standards which cover nearly all sectors of activity including quality management systems, manufacturing, transport, distribution, construction, the environment, mechanical engineering, energy, agriculture, services, information and communication technologies, medical devices and conformity assessment. As for the 9001 quality standard itself, it is globally recognised with more that 1 million companies that are certified to it. And in 2012, the standard reached its 25 anniversary of operation.

The 9001 standard for quality management systems defines the requirements for creating, maintaining and managing a quality system in order to manage and control processes to achieve the end goal of better customer service for instance by underpinning the requirements of EN 1090 1. A professional consultant satisfies more customers by complying their requirements more effectively:

Improving the manner in which an organisation conducts business

– Enables organisations to compete across global markets
– Enhance access to new service users and customers
– Increase the confidence customers have in your organisation
– Reduce rework cost, scrap & waste to minimal levels
– Improve the “bottom line” profitability of the organisation

1. Benefits For Users & Customers

Users and customers benefit by obtaining services and products which:

– Meet or exceed the requirements for their needs
– Are cost effective
– Are readily available as and when they need them
– Are reliable and dependable
– Are straightforward to maintain

2. Benefits For Employees

People in organisation can benefit because:

– There is better flow and control of operational processes
– Enhanced health and safety
– Improved “working conditions”
– Enhanced morale
– Better job satisfaction

3. Benefits For Society

Our society realises the following benefits:

– Greater utility from the products & services it buys
– Compliance with beneficial legal requirements and regulations
– Enhanced health and safety
– Lower environmental impacts
– Improved levels of security

4. Benefits For Investors & Business Owners

Investors and business owners benefit by getting a greater return on their investment resulting from:

– Obligatory internal reviews and audits
– Improved operational performance
– Greater market share
– Enhanced profit levels
– Improved return on investment

ISO certification UK

Compliance & Profit Improvement

ISO 9001 consulting UK

Processes streamlined with digital systems
No complex or long drawn out processes
RKMS consultants are IRCA qualified
100% ISO 9001 certification success rate

ISO consultant UK

Create more customer value
Upskill your workforce
Motivate employees
Improve your bottom line

ISO consultants UK

Create more customer value & satisfaction
Lower your costs, improve processes
Improve your profitability
Lean management consultancy

ISO consulting UK

Primary Authority Risk Management
Online compliance management
Easy multi-site access to the PAS
Reduce operational costs

Standards Supported



ISO 9001 Certification Cost


ISO certification

Nissan Trading Europe are delighted with the service provided RKMS Management Services.

John and his team pursued a professional and methodical approach throughout the project. This fact combined with a friendly outlook as well as in-depth knowledge of ISO 9001 consultancy, we achieved our certification within 6 months after our application was submitted.

We would recommend RKMS to any other company for the excellent service they provide.

N.Sutherland, Nissan Trading Europe

ISO 9001 consultant cost

RKMS provided excellent guidance through the process of documenting our company’s systems which culminated in Yearsley Group achieving its fully integrated management system.

Our aim at the beginning of the process was to have the best health and safety plus environmental and quality management systems to improve our business. RKMS Management Services ISO 9001 consultancy has helped us achieved this goal.

Simon Yearsley, Yearsley Group

ISO 9001 consultant fees UK

RKMS Management Services helped Outsourcery design, then implement an ISO 27001 management system that’s perfectly tailored for our needs. And, we achieved certification at the very first attempt.

It was a great engagement between our organisations which proved to be the foundation of an ongoing relationship.

Colin Bell, Outsourcery

Service Areas

Just a few of the locations we serve:

Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Burnley, Bury, Chorley, Colne, Lancaster, Leigh, Lytham, Manchester, Oldham, Ormskirk, Preston, Rochdale, Salford, Skelmersdale, Southport, St Helens, Stockport, Warrington, Wigan

RKMS, Unit 17 The Pavilions, Avroe Crescent, Blackpool FY4 2DP

ISO 9001 consulting


Selecting An ISO 9001 Consultant - Things To Consider

A Good ISO 9001 Consultancy Delivers Quality Management Systems With Real Benefits

The fundamental reason for hiring a firm of proven ISO 9001 consultants is to reduce the time it takes to implement all the actions required to achieve certification. Good ISO 9001 consultants will do this will ensure that you avoid tricky pitfalls by providing the expert assistance you need to achieve ISO 9001 certification in a very timely way. They cut out unnecessary activity and steer a quick path to your certification

A good ISO 9001 consultancy firm will provide clear guidance regarding the detailed criteria and types of evidence that auditors from the certification body will seek out for by leading you through a step-by-step implementation programme. Good ISO 9001 consultants will remove the burden from your employees by recommending optimal solutions, conducting all the analysis required, training your staff and preparing all requisite documentation.

ISO Consultant Pitfalls!

Before you engage any ISO 9001 consulting service, it is always prudent to conduct due diligence first. Why? Well, a firm may claim be a cost effective ISO 9001 consulting service. However in reality, they may know very little about doing this type of work or possess the necessary credentials or experience to back their claims up.

Secondly, if the consultancy is doing all the work by themselves without the involvement of your staff, the system documents will not reflect your actual business needs. So, after the consultant has stopped working for you, your staff will have no idea how to maintain the process and documents. The documents won’t be usable in your business and your staff may reject laid down processes.

What Should You Look For In A Quality Management Service?

Track Record

Who have they worked for? What kind of projects have they worked on? Does the ISO 9001 consultant make case studies of their work available? And are they happy for you to contact their clients to check them out?

ISO 9001 Consultancy Practice Credentials

In your due diligence research process, check out whether the ISO 9001 consulting service themselves hold ISO certifications.

Expertise Of Individual Consultants

Check the background of individuals that would work on your project. Are they a registered auditor with the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA)? How many jobs have they done? For what type of organisation?

Tailored Service

Spending money on a standard off the shelf “cut and paste” solution will provide little benefit for your company if it has no relevance to your business and your employees cannot manage the new system. Ask yourselves these questions. Does the consultancy understand my business? Do the consultants use language my staff can understand? Will they adapt their solutions to suit the exact needs of my organisation or business?

ISO 9001 Consultant – Cost Effective Certification

Some companies go for the lowest cost option when selecting a consultant. However, more often than not, this decision ends up costing them more in the long run. You are right to obtain a competitive cost price for consultancy services in order to get the best ISO 9001 certification cost. But remember, the value that a good ISO 9001 consultant brings will far outweigh the modest cost premium to engage their services.

Cheap consultancies are usually very low cost for any number of reasons like:

  • they are new to the market
  • they don’t have enough work
  • they don’t have the right experience, track record and expertise
  • they may not have a good reputation

At the end of the day, the reason you are employing an ISO 9001 consultant is to save your time and provide you with a meaningful quality system that will enable you to delight more customers, grow your business or reach more service users, improve profits and return on investment.