BS 76000 Consultancy – HR Valuing People System

    BS 76000 Consultancy, Accreditation and Certification Consultants

    BS 76000 HR Valuing People Standard

    Ask any BS 76000 consultancy and they will tell you that an organisation’s greatest asset is the people employed within it.

    The creation of BS 76000 certification recognises that people are “inherently valuable” and that building on this by implementing a framework of processes to optimise working relationships will bring about greater benefits to employees and organisations alike.

    BS 76000 Valuing People ManagementThis is achieved by fostering more sustainable and equitable working relationships.

    Why Should You Use The BS 76000 Standard?

    BS 76000 consultancy can be used by all sizes of organisation to identify and recognise the true and potential value of its employees and help establish new and more effective working relationships to deliver sustainable and successful achievement of the company’s goals.

    BS 76000 Principles

    The following principles each possess the same importance within the standard:

    1. The best interests of the organisation are served by ensuring that the interests of all stakeholders and employees and integrated into the organisation’s mission
    2. Organisations participate in a wider society and have a responsibility to manage their affairs in a socially responsible and fair minded manner
    3. Senior leaders in an organisation should be fully committed to the proper valuation of its people
    4. People working in organisations possess rights in addition to those established in regulations and laws which are respected by the organisation

    Who Is BS 76000 For?

    BS 76000 CertificationAll organisations employing people be they temporary staff, volunteers or salaried employees can realise benefits from implementing BS 76000 consultancy. As you can see from the list below, it is applicable across a wide array of circumstances including:

    BS 76000 Users
    Recruitment companies
    Small businesses
    Training companies specialising in governance and human relations management
    Human relations professionals
    Organisations employing temps or volunteers
    Larger organisations with human resources functions
    BS 76000 Consultants

    Benefits of BS 76000 Accreditation For Organisations

    Organisations that truly recognise the valuable role that people play in delivering its success, understand the importance of developing and retaining staff.

    An enlightened organisation that implements effective measures to gain BS 76000 accreditation will be rewarded by increasing its attractiveness to the best recruits, enable them to retain talented people and boost its reputation.

    BS 76000 ConsultantsSimilar in structure to well known British or ISO standards, BS 76000 consultants provide organisations with a framework of processes and measurement designed to bring about improvements to the way organisations operate.

    In addition, these processes and measures can be independently audited with a view to achieving independent third party certification. Consider the following benefits. BS 76000 accreditation:

    • Improves how staff are valued via having a range of clearly defined policies which establish and help deliver clear employee roles, associated responsibilities, limitations of authority and reporting processes
    • Creates better job satisfaction and employee morale arising from the commitment of senior management to provide more transparency in management operations
    • Improves compliance with diversity and equality requirements by investigating unforeseen issues and more effective processes required for information collection in order to deliver continuous improvement
    • Improves customer satisfaction by the identification of an organisation’s fundamental mission and the requirements needed from different stakeholders to achieve the mission

    Organising For BS 76000

    BS 76000 AccreditationManagement & Leadership

    Senior management need to be committed to establishing policies and deploying processes which define – roles, associated responsibilities, limits of operational authority and accountability.

    Organisational Context

    Organisations and their BS 76000 consultants are required to clearly determine their purpose, why they wish to comply with the standard, the system and processes they will use for valuing people and the extent to which their system will be audited.

    Control & Planning

    Risk based approaches should be used by organisations when it comes to setting the objectives for valuing people and the processes required to deliver them. All activities must consider prevailing law, opportunities and risks as well as any other requirements.


    An organisation must clearly demonstrate the way it approaches operations planning and control including the way change management and third party service providers are managed.

    Organisational Support

    Organisations must ensure that they possess the required competence levels to deliver the standard including awareness of the standard’s requirements, documented information in line with BS 76000 and effective communications processes covering all stakeholders.

    BS 76000 ConsultancyMost importantly, organisations are required to have considered the resources it needs for employees, its environment, infrastructure, knowledge acquisition and control including performance measurement and ongoing monitoring processes.

    Evaluating Performance

    Organisations and their BS 76000 consultants must provide evidence that its management reviews and internal auditing processes for monitoring, measuring, analysing and evaluating its performance against the standard are effective.


    Organisations must demonstrate its ability to investigate unforeseen issues, non-conformance and implement subsequent preventative and corrective measures. Then show how these processes lead to the ongoing improvement in the management system used for valuing people.

    How BS 76000 Certification Came About

    BS 76000 certification was developed using expertise from a number of employers, industry bodies and trades unions to create a framework for valuing people, monitoring and improving performance for the mutual benefit of employees and organisations. Here are just a few examples:

    CIPDChartered Institute of Management Accountants  |  Federation of Small Businesses

    The standard was created using the same principles relating to the common text and structure established by the International Standards Organisation for all their management systems standards.

    This will enable organisations with other such standards in place, to implement and integrate BS 76000 and BS 76000 certification into their wider management systems in a simpler way.

    For organisations who have not implemented other ISO or BS standards, supplementary guidance information has been included to facilitate easy understanding and straightforward implementation.

    If your organisation would like to benefit from this standard, please get in touch with RKMS, the economical BS 76000 consultants.