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Nissan Trading (Europe) Ltd are highly delighted with the services provided by John and his team. RKMS had a methodical and professional outlook towards the system project.

This combined with a friendly approach and in depth knowledge of ISO 9001 we achieved ISO certification within six months of our initial application. We would recommend the excellent services provided by RKMS to any other company.



RKMS consultants helped Outsourcery design and implement an ISO 27001 management system that is tailored perfectly for our business, and achieved certification at the first attempt.

It was a great engagement between our organisations and proved the foundation of our on-going services relationship.


Colin Bell

Yearsley Group

Rosewood Keen consultants provided us with excellent guidance throughout the process of documenting our company systems which culminated in us achieving our fully integrated management system.

Our goal at the outset was to have the best possible Health, safety, environmental and quality management systems and to improve our business. Rosewood management services consultancy have helped us achieved this.

Simon Yearsley

Fully Certified ISO Consultants Serving Burnley With A 100% Success Rate!

The main reason why you are considering engaging a consultancy firm to acquire ISO 9001 QMS accreditation, is actually to spare your time and also furnish you with a purposeful quality management system which will enable you to satisfy much more customers, grow your sales, connect with more service users, and enhance profits and return on investment as fast and cost effectively as possible.

A very good ISO 9001 consultancy firm minimises the period of time it takes to implement all the steps required to obtain certification. They do this by helping you avoid potential problems and providing all the specialist knowledge you need to achieve certification in a timely fashion. These professionals eliminate nonessential activities and provide a timely, economical path to your organisation’s certification.

Moreover, effective ISO 9001 consultants will definitely remove the stress from your employees by suggesting optimal solutions, carrying out all the evaluation required, teaching your personnel and creating all requisite documents.

ISO Certification Services

ISO 9001 Standards & Certification

The ISO 9001 standard provides tools as well as guidance for organisations and businesses that want to make certain that their products and services satisfy and go beyond their clients’ requirements whilst continuously enhancing the quality of their operations.

As the internationally recognised standard for quality systems, ISO 9001 determines the criteria for quality management processes. ISO 9001 has been created for use by any kind of organisation irrespective of its scale. Today, in excess of one million operations across 170 nations worldwide possess accreditation to ISO 9001. See more information: www.iso.org

Companies that have utilised IS0 9001 in their processes benefit from substantial rewards as a result. That’s because the standard establishes several different aspects of quality management like senior management commitment, a strong concentration on client demands, process based methodologies in addition to a continual improvement philosophy.

ISO 9001 Advantages

Within the United Kingdom, research has revealed that the implementation of this quality standard has accounted for an increase in Gross Domestic Product of approximately 8.2 billion Dollars. The principle of the quality management methodology is improving efficiency, improving access to new markets as well as maximising productive performance.

The ISO quality management standard will:

– Permit companies to access brand new clients in new markets
– Lower their manufacturing and operating expenses
– Reduce their environmental impact
– Greatly improve the utility they can offer to customers

ISO 14001 Certification Services

The ISO 14001 standard provides operations and businesses with a variety of tools that could be used in a functional manner for the management of their ecological obligation.

Since the standard was published, in excess of 300,000 companies in 171 countries have already acquired ISO 14001 certification.

ISO 14001 provides the platform and concepts for an environmental management system that any kind of company large or small can employ. The standard can likewise be used in any type of operation including manufacturing, services or regulatory.

Utilisation of ISO 14001 gives confidence to all of the in-house as well as outside stake holders in an organisation that it is deploying the leading methods for assessing and greatly improving its ecological impact. Visit URL: ISO 14001 Standard

ISO14001 Rewards

These benefits are realised from the introduction of the specification:

– Applying ecological management in order to realise its strategic goals
– Boost employee involvement and leadership
– Enhance the reputation of an organisation amongst its stakeholders
– Comply with all current and potential legal requirements
– Obtain better ecological management from materials and service providers
– Acquire significant strategic business and monetary competitiveness as a result of lower operating expenses

ISO 27001 Certification Services

In essence, ISO 27001 allows operations and businesses set up and maintain the safety and security of their confidential information.

Enterprises that use ISO 27001 have the ability to more thoroughly protect important and confidential information like trade secrets, financial and business performance information in addition to staff data.

Right at the core of the ISO 27001 standard are the important components for an ISMS or information security management system.

Now there is a variety of different things which encourage companies to utilise ISO 27001. A number of businesses qualify for the standard simply because they would like to offer assurance to their customers that the principles of the specification are being adhered to in their organisation. Other organisations wish to enjoy the advantages of employing the best working practices in their procedures. Further information – ISO 27001 Standard

Put simply, accreditation to ISO 27001 is a very clear demonstration to their present and potential future patrons that their company can be entrusted with confidential information.

Did you know that over 27,500 enterprises all around the globe have received certification for this information security management system standard?

The Rewards of ISO 27001

That is simply because it provides clear cut benefits eg:

– Securing confidential patent and trade secrets information
– An organisation is able to protect its reputation and boost its status
– The monetary losses arising from safety and security infractions can be minimised
– The company can build confidence outside amongst clients and inside amongst employees
– Keep current clients and gain new ones
– Comply with regulations, business, legal and financial and auditing requirements

ISO 45001 Certification Services

The ISO 45001 standard is a health and safety management process that is globally recognised.

Its working guidelines resemble its quality and ecological management systems standards equivalents, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 with their “plan-do-check-act” approach.

Essentially, ISO 45001 helps to create a brand-new health and safety process or improve an enterprise’s existing system. Subsequently, this diminishes risk and hazards in the place of work that could result in unfortunate incidents, injury to workers and harm to buildings and machinery.

See this article – ISO 45001

Most organisations should possess excellent health & safety systems and policies in order to execute its responsibility as a health and safety conscious organisation. Possessing a health & safety management procedure which follows the fundamentals and detailed requirements of OHSAS 18001 will enable them to perform just that.

The Advantages of ISO 45001

The ISO 45001 standard will enable any type of enterprise to:

– Reduce and or get rid of threats to personnel as well as third parties subjected to these threats from an organisation’s operations
– Produce, deploy, maintain and enhance its health & safety management methods
– Produce its own affirmations of conformance to the standard
– Secure autonomous 3rd party accreditation of its health and safety management system
– Be fully up to date with its health & safety policies
– Demonstrate this conformity to regulatory organisations and clients

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