ISO 9001 Cost

How Much Does ISO 9001 Certification Cost In 2021

Build Your Own ISO Management System With Issosmart  

Issosmart is a cloud ISO 9001 standard compliance system and monthly prices start from a modest £100 plus VAT.

Issosmart enables our clientele to build an ISO quality management system in around 30 minutes and besides ISO certification provides additional benefits:

  • Business Insights
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Legal Compliance
  • Cost Reduction 

Issosmart provides all the evidence needed for ISO 9001 certification including a manual, user guide, procedures plus forms and registers.  There are three service options that clients select from:

  • Self Install – You populate all information yourself.
  • Facilitated Install – Guidance on action plan, gap analysis, internal auditing & managerial review.
  • Complete Install – Full support throughout the process and “guaranteed” certification.
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Done For You ISO 9001 Consultancy

Not all ISO 9001 certificates are the same.  A low cost or quickly available certificate may not be accepted by your customers. UKAS, the well respected UK accreditation body are themselves, independently accredited as a certification body by the IAF. The IAF ensure that “accreditation is the independent evaluation of conformity assessment bodies against recognised standards to ensure their impartiality and competence.”   Read more here

RKMS provides a high quality service at an affordable price.

  1. Typical UK ISO 9001 UKAS Certification Costs are circa £3,000 plus VAT to £6,000 plus VAT, including certification body audit fees
  2. Implementation Timeframe- 6 to 8 months

An ISO 9001 Price List? 

ISO 9001 consultancies delivering accreditation for professionally recognised UK industry certification bodies like UKAS cannot provide a standard price list for accreditation services. 

This is because the cost of ISO 9001 standard certification varies depending on a number of factors including:

  • Number of sites, number of staff & annual turnover
  • Existing levels of documentation
  • Complexity of audits required
ISO Standards

Using a UK ISO 9001 Consultancy – Cost & Time Saving Benefits

ISO 9001 Cost

A consultancy with a successful record of accomplishment can add a lot of value and benefits to a customer’s business. They have skills, knowledge, resources and experience built up over time from working in many types of industry, market sectors and different enterprises.

Reputable UK ISO Consultancies Add Value by Improving Company Operations

Implementing the ISO 9001 standard is not just about creating a quality system to obtain an ISO certification.

It is also about bringing improvements to a firm’s procedures, company employees and methods. In turn, this will reduce costs and improve productivity. Then better products, services, and revenue growth will be possible.

Expert Consultancy Saves You Time & Money On Your ISO 9001 Certification Cost

ISO 9001 consultancies bring unparalleled capability to the planning and delivery of ISO management system projects.

The expertise of a professional ISO 9001 consultant can minimise the ISO 9001 cost burden of financing new quality procedures.

Moreover, deployment of cloud support systems reduce the audit workload on company employees. They will speed up project times. And, provide support continuity with the consultancy after completing the initial system creation and certification phase. 

Efficient Consultancy Minimises Project Delivery Times

Your business will benefit from the new quality management system as soon as possible.

Using external expertise will ensure that standards projects keep moving forward. This ensures that a business is not wasting time and resources eg: like production of unnecessary audit documentation.

They act as a catalyst for effective planning and “fast track” the process by securing management commitment for adequate funding.

In-House Implementation – The Hidden ISO 9001 Cost

Adopting an unsupported “do it yourself” process audit approach involves learning all about the ISO 9001 quality management standard. In addition, the roles and responsibilities of all individuals that need to be involved in the process must be identified.

Sufficient knowledge of the ISO 9001 quality management system (QMS) standard and accreditation bodies must be obtained by staff. Then, employees must translate that knowledge into efficient processes suitable for their organisation and industry can put into practice.

Sometimes this aspect is not measured by a business and hidden ISO 9001 accreditation costs usually prevail with customers’ in-house project management.

Acquisition of Skills and Knowledge

In addition, in depth training must be organised to ensure efficient and effective implementation of the standard throughout the customer’s processes.

The downside is the significant amount of time and resource required to create the process and mandated documentation. Additional employee training may be required and a longer project lead time will be ensue.

Employees – ISO 9001 Accreditation Cost

More often than not, employees in a business will be spending a fair amount of time implementing the quality management system rather than their core duties.

This can be quite expensive if a highly paid line manager or senior engineer is involved. They may be creating methodologies and documentation for ISO 9001 certification instead of doing operational job properly.

Our Done For You Service Gives You A Quicker Pay Back On Your Quality Systems Investment

An ISO 9001 quality management system will bring cost saving benefits to a customer. So, it makes a great deal of sense to use a specialist external quality management consultancy. Firms will save time and money by getting a quicker pay back on its quality management system and ISO certification investment.

John Keen, Managing Director​


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