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ISO 9001 is the global standard for a quality management system or QMS.

RKMS  ISO 9001 consultants create, develop and improve quality management systems to achieve cost effective ISO 9001 certification.

ISO 9001 can be used by any organisation to create, develop, maintain and improve their QMS to enhance customer satisfaction.

Independent certification to ISO 9001 using an ISO 9001 consultant like RKMS, demonstrates that an organisation has consistent QMS processes and systems to meet their customers’ needs and regulatory and statutory requirements.

ISO is the International Organization for Standardization which develops and publishes many different international standards including the ISO 9000 series from which the 9001 QMS derives.

ISO 9001 User & Customer Benefits Users and customers benefit from ISO 9001 by obtaining services and products which:
  • Meet the requirements for their needs
  • Are cost effective
  • Are readily available as and when they need them
  • Are reliable and dependable
  • Are straightforward to maintain 
ISO 9001 Employee Benefits People in organisation can benefit because:
  • There is better flow and control of operational processes
  • Enhanced health and safety
  • Improved “working conditions”
  • Enhanced morale
  • Better job satisfaction 
ISO 9001 Society Benefits Our society realises the following benefits:
  • Greater utility from the products & services it buys
  • Compliance with beneficial legal requirements and regulations
  • Enhanced health and safety
  • Lower environmental impacts
  • Improved levels of security 
ISO 9001 Investor & Business Owner Benefits Investors and business owners benefit by getting a greater return on their investment resulting from:
  • Obligatory internal reviews and audits
  • Improved operational performance
  • Greater market share
  • Enhanced profit levels
  • Improved ROI
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The RKMS consultancy has over 30 years of successful experience with many types of organisations all around the UK. RKMS ISO 9001 consultants establish how its client operates and develops a QMS around this rather than providing a system that forces the client to change the way in which they run their organisation. This outlines what we do:
  • Perform internal audits and attend management review meetings
  • Create a new QMS and simplify existing systems
  • Modify existing quality management systems to make them ‘process based’, easier to understand and therefore easier to use
  • Help organisations document their quality systems and achieve timely and economical ISO 9001 accreditation

Get an ISO 9001 Quality System Quickly & Cost Effectively

A specialist RKMS ISO 9001 consultant will help save time and give you an efficient, economic quality system with ISO certification. 

This will enable you achieve the standard required to improve customer satisfaction, grow your sales and reach more service users.  

RKMS will improve your profits and ROI.    VIEW STANDARDS SUPPORTED

How Does RKMS Provide ISO 9001 Consultancy?

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RKMS Deliver Economic ISO 9001 Accreditation & Has A 100% Success Record

Our consultancy works with all types and sizes of firms in the UK. We help them comply with a chosen ISO standard. Then we secure economic certification to assist with ongoing company improvement.

RKMS Makes an ISO 9001 QMS Fit Your Business Requirements

Our consultancy won’t force you to change your business processes. RKMS has over 25 years experience understanding how each business functions. Then we created efficient quality systems that work in harmony with them.

RKMS Provides An Innovative ISSOSmart Cloud QMS

Our consultancy helps clients with an easy to use cloud software tool. This gives a consultant the ability to create and edit QMS documents for standard compliance.

The ISO 9001 Cloud QMS Supports Regulatory & ISO Certifying Bodies

Our ISSOSmart cloud QMS system can be used with any British or ISO standard. It fully supports the needs of the UKAS, NQA, BSI, ISOQAR approval bodies.

Can A Cloud Quality Management System Benefit Me?

total quality management

 – Save time & money

 – Get a quicker pay back on investment

 – Add value via client base experience

 – Reduced costs & improved yield

 – Better products & services

 – Organise & plan QMS activities

 – Identify & document quality processes

 – Process improvements suggested

 – Recommend Bench Marking 

quality management system

– Speeds up work flows

– Reduces workload on staff

– Build a system in around 30 minutes

– Or we help with partial or full build

– Simple to use & fully compliant

– Add multiple ISO standards

– Access via browser, phone or tablet

– Auditor Training HABC Level 3 Qual 

– Ongoing support after certification

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