ISO/TS 16949 Automotive Quality Management

automotiveISO/TS 1649 is the international quality management standard for the automotive industry. Achieving this standard allows your business to trade across the globe – designing, developing, manufacturing and servicing quality automotive products.

Developed by the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) this standard creates common processes and procedures across the automotive industry.  ISO/TS 16949 is now a mandatory requirement for businesses across the industry and has been adopted by some of the world’s largest car manufacturers, including BMW Group, Chrysler Group and General Motors.

What are the benefits of ISO/TS 16949 Automotive Quality Management?

Gaining your licence will enable your business to:

  • Trade internationally and open up expansion opportunities
  • Improve processes to reduce waste and prevent defects
  • Remove the need for multiple certificates for vehicle manufacturing
  • Win new business and secure investment prospects by demonstrating compliance

You can also integrate ISO/TS 16949 with other management systems and standards  for additional business benefits.

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