National Highways Sector Scheme

NHSSNHSS are bespoke integrated management schemes which supplement ISO 9001:2008

The schemes were developed in partnership with key stakeholders of the highways industry to interpret ISO 9001 and its specific application to highways maintenance activities.

They are designed to:

  • Provide industry benchmarks
  • Ensure all processes are planned
  • Provide a basis for continuous improvement
  • Focus on quality as an objective
  • Reduce overall costs for the client and supplier
  • Provide and maintain a properly trained and competent workforce
  • Involve all sides of the industry in scheme ownership within a partnership framework
  • Ensure that Certification Bodies use auditors with technical knowledge and experience of the sector concerned
  • Promote confidence in quality management systems by provision of a robust, transparent system.
  • The schemes provide the Highways Agency and local authorities responsible for the operation and maintenance of the road infrastructure in the UK with an assurance that only competent organisations are carrying out work on their behalf.

The bodies responsible for the road system include local authorities in the case of ‘local’ roads and the Highways Agency in the case of major trunk roads and motorways. They have a statutory duty to maintain the road system.

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