PAS 2070 - Specification for the Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions of a City Consultancy

Expert PAS 2070 consultants

PAS 2070 Consultancy
PAS 2070 Consultancy

PAS 2070 - Specification for the Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions of a City Consultancy

Expert PAS 2070 consultants

What is PAS 2070?

PAS 2070 is the only internationally recognised standard for the assessment of GHG emissions of an entire city or urban area.

Using internationally recognised GHG accounting and reporting principles, cities/urban areas complete an assessment of the carbon and GHG emissions of a city to PAS 2070 standards. Further, we can extend the use of PAS 2070 to begin to create powerful inventories of carbon emissions across the city.

The standard specifies requirements for the assessment using two methodologies that provide different and complementary results. The assessment methodologies are:

  1. direct plus supply chain (DPSC) methodology.
  2. a consumption-based (CB) methodology.

Using PAS 2070 to calculate the carbon emissions of the city allows the local authority to make a verified and independently certificated claim of conformity. This provides validity and certainty about the assessment process used.

PAS 2070 aims to provide a robust and transparent method for consistent, comparable, and relevant quantification, attribution and reporting of city-scale greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This will encourage more holistic GHG assessments, greater disclosure, and more meaningful benchmarking to help city decision makers identify key emission sources and their drivers, the carbon dependence of their economy, and opportunities for more efficient urban supply chains.

PAS 2070 is intended for international application. It can be used by organizations or individuals assessing GHG emissions of a city or an urban area, such as municipal or national governments, academic researchers, consultants, and others. It usually takes months from start to finish to be certified to PAS 2070.

How can PAS 2070 benefit your organisation?

Implementing PAS 2070 will enable your organisation to gain a clearer understanding about how their city generates emissions and are therefore better placed to assess risks and opportunities.

Types of fire risk assessments available​

RKMS offer accredited training to support organisations with compliance. Our Level 3 Award in Effective Auditing and Inspection gives individuals the knowledge needed to conduct internal audits.

We deliver this course to two delegates for free as part of our PAS 2070 consultancy package, however if you wish to implement PAS 2070 internally but wish for your staff to be trained in internal auditing, take a look at our course page below.

Level 3 Award in Effective Auditing and Inspection

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Cost of PAS 2070

RKMS offers a high quality service at an affordable price. Typical costs of implementing PAS 2070 are between £3,000 and £6,000 including the certification body audit fees, with the timeframe to implement roughly 6 months. The cost of achieving PAS 2070 certification varies depending on a number of factors such as, number of staff, annual turnover, number of sites, existing documentation and complexity of audits.

If you wish to discuss your needs further and identify your options, please give us a call or request a quote below. One of our business development team members can explore your options and best advise you on which path to take.