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ISO 9001 is the global standard for a quality management system or QMS.

RKMS  ISO 9001 consultants create, develop and improve quality management systems to achieve cost effective ISO 9001 certification.

ISO 9001 can be used by any organisation to create, develop, maintain and improve their QMS to enhance customer satisfaction.

Independent certification to ISO 9001 using an ISO 9001 consultant like RKMS, demonstrates that an organisation has consistent QMS processes and systems to meet their customers’ needs and regulatory and statutory requirements.

ISO is the International Organization for Standardization which develops and publishes many different international standards including the ISO 9000 series from which the 9001 QMS derives.

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Fundamentally, the main reason you are considering hiring a specialist consultant to deliver ISO 9001 QMS accreditation, is actually to save you time.

In addition,  to provide you with an useful QMS that is going to help you to satisfy much more customers, grow your revenues, reach out to even more service clients, enhancing profitability and ROI as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

A really good ISO 9001 specialist consultant reduces the period of time it takes to execute all the actions entailed to achieve certification.

They do this by helping you ward off possible hitches and supplying all the know-how that you need to achieve certification in a prompt fashion.

These professionals eliminate unnecessary activities and steer a quick, cost effective path to your official certification.

And effective ISO 9001 consultants will certainly take away the burden from your staff by recommending the best possible solutions, performing all the analysis required, teaching your staff as well as putting together all requisite documents.

ISO Standards and Certification

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

ISO standards provide methods and also information for organisations and institutions that wish to make certain that their services and products fulfil and exceed their clients’ needs while continually developing the quality of their delivery.

As the globally recognised benchmark for quality systems, ISO 9001 establishes the foundations for quality management procedures. ISO 9001 has been devised for use by any sort of enterprise irrespective of its scale. At present, more than one million operations across 170 nations around the world possess accreditation to ISO 9001. Get more information – ISO 9001

Enterprises which have deployed IS0 9001 throughout their operations enjoy significant benefits as a result. That is due to the fact that the standards establish a variety of different aspects of quality management such as senior management commitment, a strong focus on client requirements, process based methodologies along with a continuous improvement culture.

The Advantages of ISO 9001

Within the UK, market research has demonstrated that the utilisation of this quality criterion has resulted in a growth in GDP of approximately 8.2 billion US dollars. The substance of the quality management methodology is improving productivity, improving accessibility to new markets as well as increasing manufacturing performance.

The ISO quality management standard will:

– Permit companies to access new customers in new markets
– Lower their manufacturing and operating expenses
– Minimise their impact on the environment
– Enhance the utility they are able to offer to customers

ISO 45001 Certification In Blackburn

ISO 45001 is a health & safety management system that’s globally recognised.

It’s operational guidelines resemble its quality and environmental management systems standards equivalents, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 with their plan, do, check, act methodology.

Basically, ISO 45001 helps to develop a new health & safety process or improve an enterprise’s existing system. In turn, this reduces risk and hazards in the work environment which can easily trigger unfortunate incidents, injury to personnel and damage to buildings and equipment.

More information here: About ISO 45001

Most organisations must possess effective health and safety systems and protocols in order to observe its responsibility as a health and safety conscious organisation. Possessing a health & safety management process which satisfies the basic principles and thorough requirements of ISO 45001 will allow them to accomplish just that.

ISO 45001 Rewards

ISO 45001 will enable any kind of enterprise to:

– Minimise and or get rid of threats to employees as well as 3rd parties exposed to these threats from a company’s operations
– Create, deploy, sustain and enhance its health & safety management methods
– Make its own statements of compliance to this standard
– Acquire independent third party accreditation of its health & safety management system
– Be totally compliant with its health and safety policies
– Prove this conformity to regulating bodies as well as clients

ISO 27001 Consultancy In Blackburn

Simply speaking, ISO 27001 helps organisations and businesses develop and maintain the security and safety of their private information.

Organisations which use ISO 27001 have the ability to more systematically protect important and private data like intellectual property, financial and commercial performance information in addition to personnel information.

Right at the core of the ISO 27001 standard are the important components for an ISMS or information security management system.

There is a number of different factors that encourage businesses to use ISO 27001. A number of organisations qualify for the standard because they want to provide assurance to their clients that the fundamentals of the standard are being complied with in their operation. Many other businesses simply wish to enjoy the advantages of implementing the best working practices throughout their procedures. Get more information – ISO 27001 Standard

Basically, accreditation to ISO 27001 is a very clear validation to its current and potential future clients that their company can be entrusted with private information.

Did you know that in excess of 27,500 enterprises around the globe have received accreditation for this information security management system standard?

ISO 27001 Benefits

That’s simply because it delivers clear benefits eg:

– Protecting private intellectual property and trading information
– An operation can safeguard its reputation and boost its standing
– The monetary losses arising from security and safety breaches can be reduced
– The operation can build confidence externally amongst customers and internally among employees
– Keep existing customers and acquire new ones
– Conform with regulative, business, legal and financial and auditing requirements

ISO 14001 Standards and Certification

The ISO 14001 standard provides operations and businesses with a range of methods which can be used in a functional way for the administration of their ecological obligation.

Since the benchmark was released, more than 300,000 companies in 171 countries have achieved ISO 14001 certification.

ISO 14001 provides the framework and principles for an environmental management process which any kind of organisation large or small can employ. The standard could also be applied to any type of company including production, services or regulatory.

Utilisation of ISO 14001 gives confidence to all of the internal and external stake holders in an enterprise that it is complying with the leading methods for assessing and improving its ecological impact. Visit this webpage – ISO 14001 Standard

The Rewards of ISO 14001

The following advantages are realised from the inception of the standard:

– Incorporating ecological management for it to attain its strategic aims
– Strengthen employee involvement and management
– Enhance the reputation of an enterprise amongst its stakeholders
– Adhere to all existing and potential legal requirements
– Obtain better environmental management from suppliers
– Secure meaningful critical commercial and financial competitiveness from reduced operating costs

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