10 Benefits of ISO 14001

Benefits of ISO 14001

So you’re probably familiar with what ISO 14001 is, but maybe you’re thinking why your business would need it? Or whether it is worth the effort?

Here’s some reaons for why ISO 14001 can benefit your business.

The 10 Benefits of ISO 14001

  1. Improve Tender Chances
  2. Leaders in Industry
  3. Ensure Legal Compliance
  4. Reduce Insurance Premiums
  5. Improve Environmental Performance
  6. Reduce Operational Waste
  7. Increase Profitability
  8. Increase Efficiency
  9. Improve Employee Morale
  10. Promotes Continual Improvement

Improve Tender Chances

It increases chances of winning public and private sector tenders. It has become more and more important over the last 10 years for companies to show that they are thinking but also following the green trend.

Leaders in Industry

It will make your competitors take note that you are going above and beyond of what is expected from someone in your industry.

Ensure Legal Compliance

It helps your organisation meet legal and regulatory requirements. It does depend on which sector you work within but having the 14001 in place will eliminate any potential banana skins for you.

Reduce Insurance Premiums

It can lower insurance premiums. It has been shown time and again that lowering risks make you safer which in turn reduces premiums.

Improve Environmental Performance

It reduces consumption of raw materials. We all have an impact on mother earth however if we can highlight and reduce the impact it can only be good for everyone.

Reduce Operational Waste

It reduces waste and repetition. As you will be looking at your operations we will be able to identify where you are using too much raw material and where savings could be found.

Increase Profitability

It increases profit margins. If you reduce your waste, it’s not only good for the planet but good for the balance sheet.

Increase Efficiency

It streamlines operations. If we can streamline what you do it will naturally make things work more efficiently.

Improve Employee Morale

It can increase employee motivation and participation. What be buy in is the staff, and with a proper process in place staff will be able to see their development into an import cog in the business wheel.

Promotes Continual Improvement

It promotes continual improvement. How can improvement be bad? Answer it can’t.


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