10 Benefits of ISO 9001

Benefits of ISO 9001

The 10 Benefits of ISO 9001

  1. Increase Efficiency
  2. Increase Revenue
  3. Employee Morale
  4. International Recognition
  5. Factual Approach to Decision Making
  6. Supplier Relationships
  7. Documentation
  8. Consistency
  9. Customer Satisfaction
  10. Improvement Processes

Increase Efficiency

Companies that go through the ISO 9001 certification process have to give a lot of thought to their processes and how they can maximise quality and efficiency. ISO 9001 sets the bar internationally that it is the standard to have.

Increase Revenue

Studies have shown that ISO 9001 certified companies experience increased productivity and improved financial performance, compared to uncertified companies. This goes hand in hand with winning new contracts, tenders etc.

Employee Morale

Defined roles and responsibilities, accountability of senior management, established training systems and a clear picture of how their roles affect quality and the overall success of the company, all contribute to more satisfied and motivated staff. Once you have the buy in from your staff, they are less likely to leave meaning no extra costs with rehiring and training.

International Recognition

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) is recognised worldwide as the authority on quality management. With membership now exceeding 160 you can see why it’s the go to standard. http://www.iso.org/iso/about/iso_members.htm

Factual Approach to Decision Making

The ISO 9001 standard sets out clear instructions for internal audits and processes with self-assessment being high on the agenda, in turn, this makes information gathering and decision making most efficient. 

Supplier Relationships

If you have clients, then you will have suppliers and by employing the processes set out you will be able to find a mutually beneficial supplier relationship. The process also requires thorough evaluation of new suppliers before a change is made and/or consistency with respect to how and where orders are placed.


The bane of most companies’ existence is documentation. Having the ISO 9001 in place helps keep everything on an even keel without being so intrusive you cannot function.


One of the foundations of ISO; All processes from research and development, to production, to shipping, are defined, outlined and documented, minimising room for error. Even the process of making changes to a process is documented, ensuring that changes are well planned and implemented in the best possible way to maximise efficiency.

Customer Satisfaction

Client confidence is gained because of the universal acceptance of the ISO standard (160+ countries) Customer satisfaction is ensured because of the benefits of ISO 9001 to company efficiency, consistency and dedication to quality service.

Improvement Processes

The ISO 9001 outlines audit processes, management review and improvement processes based on collected data. Improvements are carefully planned and implemented based on facts, using a system of documentation and analysis, to ensure the best decisions are made for your company – see more here.


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