The Accelerate Programme - Standalone

The standalone route is the quickest and least beaurocratic route to implementing lean management within your organisation. There is no additional paperwork inlvolved or time restraints making this route the most flexible in terms of delivery. The drawbacks are that the cost of implentation is significantly higher than the apprenticeship route, none of your staff gain a formal qualification in lean management and the purpose of the programme is soley on improving working processes.

How it’s delivered

The programme is extremely flexible in terms of how it’s delivered. Typically we would deliver 4 modules followed by a presentation to the senior management team highlighting the bottlenecks, what was done to resolve/improve them and, most importantly, how that has benefited the business. These programmes usually run over 5 months with a new workshop being delivered in each month. In total 10 days consultancy would be provided to teach and assist the improvement project team. These 10 days consist of 4 days for the workshops, 1 day for the presentation and the remaining 5 days as support.

What’s required from participants

Participants are expected to attend all workshops to gain an understanding of the theory and tools required to implement their improvement projects effectively. They should also devote time to the improvement project by assisting fellow team members to meet and implement targets.


The cost of the programme is £15,000 and can accommodate up to 10 learners at a time. We can discuss options to pay this in monthly installments on a case by case basis.

Alternative Routes


£ 18,000
  • 10 Days Consultancy Support
  • Formal Qualification (ILM Green Belt)
  • Small Amount of Work Required
  • Slightly Longer Than Business Improvement
  • Potential to Do Yellow Belt
Coming soon


£ 200-300 Per Delegate
  • At Least 95% Funded
  • Minimum 12 Months
  • Functional Skills English
  • Functional Skills Maths
  • Level 2 Health & Safety Course
Funding Available